12 Victor Mouse Snap Traps M325 Pro – Holdfast Made by Woodstream ~~ Kill and Control Mice

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Victor snap traps have a plastic trigger that are easier to set then normal traps, and also have a sensitivity setting that will prevent the trap from snapping due to vibrations in the environment. Victor snap traps work very well and kill mice instant. Traps work best when baited with sticky bait (i.e. peanut butter). 12 traps HOW TO SET THE TRAP: 1. Pull the bow (the spring loaded part) back, holding it down with the thumb of one hand. 2. With your other hand, take the locking bar (the long arm with the curve >in the end that is attached to the back of the trap) and lay it in the center of the spring. Make sure that the curved or cupped part faces downward. 3. Begin to tilt the cheese pedal upward. As you do, you’ll notice that the tip the locking bar will engage inside a little box-like opening on the back of the cheese pedal. 4. Slowly release your grip on the bow, the force of which should hold the locking bar inside that little box on the pedal. The trap is now set. 5. There is an ‘S’ and an ‘F’ imprinted on the pedal itself. If you wish the trap to be more sensitive, position the locking bar towards the ‘S’ side of the little box by sliding it that direction. ‘F’ stands for firm (less sensitive). How to Use Snap Traps Effectively: Most trapping efforts fail because too few mouse traps are used. Set enough traps to kill most of the population. Place traps every 2-3 feet along a wall, with the trap placed perpindicular to the wall. Rodents enter a home through holes the size of a dime and run along walls, not over open spaces. Place traps perpendicular to the wall.Place traps out unset, without bait, for a few days (even 1-2 weeks) so rodents can become familiar with them. Place traps where rodent activity is seen (sign of chewing, droppings, runway, burrow). Leave traps undisturbed for at least two days before moving to a new location. Check traps daily and replace as needed.Wear gloves when disposing of rodent.



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