4 Disposable Rat Glue Traps
4 Disposable Rat Glue Traps4 Disposable Rat Glue Traps

4 Disposable Rat Glue Traps

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Pic Disposable Rat Glue Traps With sturdy Plastic Tray. Ready to use, no bait needed For apartments, homes, factories, mobile homes, boats, etc No vapors, no snaps, no mess, no chemicals, no poisons, disposable Super strong and sticky Real-Kill rat glue traps are non-toxic, disposable traps that will catch rats, mice and other household pests, such as spiders, scorpions and cockroaches Glue traps are a ready-to-use alternative to spray and chemical pest control Ready-to-use for fast, easy rodent control Place in areas frequented by rats and mice Non-toxic for controlling pests without poisons


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