6 Indian Meal Moth Traps Pantry Moth Traps Bird Seed Moth Traps Pheromone Traps

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PRO-PEST PHERONET PHEROMONE TRAP – PRE BAITED READY TO USE – PROFESSIONAL PANTRY PEST TRAP 6 Pack 6 Pantry Pest Traps – Indian Meal Moth Trap – Mediterranean Moth Trap – Bird Seed Moth Trap – Pet Food Moth trap Flour Moth Trap – Almond Moth Trap – Raisin Moth Trap – Tobacco Moth Trap – IMM Trap – Cigareete Bettle Trap May be hung or sits flat. Trap Size: 4-3/4 x 3-3/4′ x 3-3/4′ Pro-Pest Pheronet Traps are convenient insect traps that are great for mass trapping. Uses: tobacco warehouses; pet shops; transportation containers; commercial and residential. The stored product insect pheromones are loaded onto the glue. Everything is in one easy-to-use. This is done with PherogelTM technology. PherogelTM is the advanced formula for pheromone-controlled release. This means the gel matrix releases the pheromones at an even rate; regardless of temperature spikes. Active life is 30-60 days. No refrigeration is required. ProPest Pheronet Moth Traps use a special moth pheromones(sex lure) that attracts male moths. In trapping male moths; mating is disrupted and egg laying stops. Ongoing use of the traps ensures any earlier laid eggs will be captured when they emerge as adults. Remove the release paper to expose the glue; fold into box shape and it’s ready to use(Pre-baited with pheromones).The advanced technology is Pherogel . Pherogel is an advanced gel matrix formulation which protects the pheromones. Can be hung or secured to any surface with the double stick tape on the back of the trap. Trap Size: 2-1/2′ x 2-1/2′ x 3/4′ Active Life: 4-6 weeks ‘



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