8 Pantry Moth Traps | Effective Non-toxic Pheromone Lure | USA Made | Guarantee

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The battle for your food Your food is under assault. Plodia interpunctella (meal moths) stowed away in food products (typically grains, pet food, bird seed, etc). Silently breeding, laying eggs, hatching into larvae, transforming into pupae, filling your food with frass (moth waste). The air assault is the first sign of your moth infestation when a bumbling moth flies past you with one goal: Drone moths are driven by instinct to create the next generation. Fight back on two fronts: 1) SURFACE 2) AIR: . 1) Surface (eggs, larvae, pupae , juvenile moths) ✅DISCARD : matted grains, flours etc. also toss open or thin wall packages ✅PURGE: wipe down every jar, can, container, shelf, nook and cranny ✅GUARD: Move foods to sturdy air tight containers . 2) Air (breeding age male moths) ✅PHEROMONE LURE: lures tempt drone moths, turning instinct into extinction. (1 trap every 10 feet / or per cabinet) ✅FLIGHT LEVEL : Moth Traps are most effective at flight level. Tab Wings attach to switch plates, lamp shades, hang from shelves, frames ✅SENTINEL TRAP : always keep a single trap deployed, check every few weeks for an early warning. Scan QR code for calendar event . Able Catch Pantry Pest Traps : ✅SAVE CASH : stop wasting food and throwing away money ✅SAVE TIME : clean just once, traps work 90 days ✅SAVE FACE : stop UMIE (Uncontrolled Moth Infestation Embarrassment) 15% larger when compared to Catchmaster. 8 – Premium Able Catch TRAPS Lower Price, Better Value



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