Advantek 20035 Rodent House Catch & Release Trap, Large

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Because of their smaller size and craftiness, rats and other large rodents have to ability to find their way into your house, crawling through cabinets, into closets, even on your beds and couches. While effective, poisons may not be ideal for households with small children or pets. Rats and mice can often catch on and outsmart glue traps and snapping rats and mouse traps. This steel trap features a cage design that lets rodents in but not out. Simply place the bait inside the trap and wait for the unwanted critters to enter through the top of the cage. The ceiling of the cage is too high for them to crawl out of once they fall in. The cage is big enough to house many rodents. You won’t have to worry about checking multiple traps set around the house and property. The trap acts a holding cell until you are ready to relocate and release. Simply unhinge the bottom trap to let them out and you’ll be ready to catch the next Round.



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