Allied Precision Pond Breather
Allied Precision Pond Breather

Allied Precision Pond Breather

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Product Description

Afraid your pond is getting a little gassy this winter? Let your pond release some fumes with an Allied Precision Pond Breather. During the winter, the ice prevents your pond from releasing gasses by trapping them under the surface. These gasses, including the carbon dioxide they breathe out, can be harmful to the fish. Let the natural gasses out and the oxygen in so your fish can survive the winter with an Allied Precision Pond Breather. Pond breather / winterizerGas exchanger for pondsDesigned to eliminate toxic gasses from your fish pond without the energy costs and harmful side effects of other productsDaily exposes more than 4000 times the water surface area to the atmosphere than competitionAdds only enough heat to keep the water flow open inside the tube-like chamberPump Creates a gentle current to move gasses from inside the pond up and allows oxygen to be put back into the pondExtends above the ice to prevent ‘doming’Protects at ice depths up to 15’Safe from power interruptions and thaws itself and restarts in a very short time after a power outageEnergy efficient operationDesigned to freeze into the ice while water is brought up through the center of the chamber where the gasses are exchangedEnergy – efficient at 40 wattsCord is 15’ longRecommended to use LockNDry Power Supply Cord if a longer cord is needed.


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