Ant Trap – Protect Bird Feed From Ants With the Trap-It Moat

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Ant Trap – Trap-It Moat Protects Your Hummingbird or Bird Feeders From Foraging AntsThe Trap-It ant moat is the perfect addition for your hummingbird or oriole feeder so that you end up feeding your hummingbirds and not ant colonies. The Trap-It was expertly designed by engineer Rex Hiday in 1989 and has been a mainstay in gardens since then.Ants and other nuisance insects are hesitant and unable to cross deep or wide barriers of water. The Trap-It ant moat separates ants from your feeder by creating a small but impenetrable wall of water. Hang your Trap-It from a branch, post, or house and then attach your feeder to the Trap-It’s bottom hook. Now, any ants out looking for an easy meal will find themselves drowning in the impassable Trap-It ocean. Fill with only 6 oz of water and you will find your investment in bird feed won’t be carried away by a colony of ants.With the Trap-It you will have the best item to enjoy and protect your hummingbird feeder. Protect your investment and your hummingbirds with the simple addition of the Trap-It ant moat.



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