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Aspectek Electronic Rat Trap, Ac Adapter or Battery Powered, Detachable Tray

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The Electronic Rat Killer by Aspectek is the most advanced rat zapper on the market today.Product Features- AC or Battery Operation, AC Adapter included, variety of extension cords available for purchase.- Washable, Remove the Electronic Section and wash the shock chamber with water to clean it.- Kill unlimited Rats with the AC Adapter, up to 50 Rats with the Battery.- Kills All Sized Rats and Mice, easy clean thanks to detachable tray.- A Device that will help solve your rat problem effectively and efficiently.How Does It WorkThis product will allow you to trap and eliminate rats from your home quickly and cleanly. Unlike some rat traps that may leave the pest injured or allow the rat to escape with the bait in its mouth, the Electronic Rat Killer is a rat trap that works. The electronic rat trap that delivers a powerful high voltage electric shock to the rat as soon as it steps inside. You’ll be surprised how quickly it works. The best way to kill rats, because you won’t be left with a mess. You can slide the rat straight out of the chamber and into the trash without ever having to touch it. Unlike some products, you can clean and reuse it. The electric power pack is removable so you can safely wash the chamber. Rats are smart and won’t go near a trap that smells like a dead rat. Wash it after each use and you can zap as many rats as necessary until your home is rat free. Comes with two convenient power options, AC adapter and battery. It’s time to try the best electronic rat trap on the market, the Electronic Rat Killer by Aspectek.About AspectekAspectek is an inventor and original manufacturer of a wide variety of products for over 25 years.



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