Aspectek HR111 Steel Mole Eliminator Trap (2-Pack)

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Get rid of moles fast and efficiently with Aspectek Mole Traps. Powerful spring trap eliminates moles and stops them from digging up your yard. Product Features – Powerful solution to mole problems – Get rid of moles fast and efficiently – Durable – Aspectek-brand quality guarantee – Reusable – Satisfaction guaranteed Additional Information Moles dig tunnels under the ground where they feed on earthworms. These mole tunnels cause damage to property and are a potential threat to anyone walking on the lawn, as the mole tunnels can collapse, causing serious injury. Aspectek mole traps are specially designed to get rid of moles fast and efficiently, making sure the moles are stopped in their tracks before they can do more damage. Take care of mole problems with Aspectek mole traps to prevent further property damage, as well as protect your family and yourself from serious injuries caused by mole tunnels and mole feeding holes. NOTE: This is not a toy! Adult supervision is recommended. About Aspectek Aspectek is a North American inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic and pest control products for over 25 years.



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