Bantrap 26001 Mosquito Trap System, 46 Ounce
Bantrap 26001 Mosquito Trap System, 46 Ounce

Bantrap 26001 Mosquito Trap System, 46 Ounce

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The bantrap 26001 mosquito trap system is the only mosquito trap with 10 attractants, presently providing more than any other product on the us market. This trap is easy to install, lightweight, portable and runs on only a low 12 volt AC or DC waterproof system. The patented Co2 pulsing technology attracts female mosquitoes because the system mimics a warm blooded creature and breaks the breeding cycle. The unique food grade lures and varying heat ranges also mimic pheromones of warm blooded creatures. Pulses mimic movement and board spectrum lighting technology attracts all mosquito types. High efficiency system does not require a regulator and uses minimal Co2 to pulse 24 hours a day attracting mosquitoes over a 325 yard diameter. This system uses no propane, is non flammable, non toxic and non explosive making it safe for humans and pets. The bantrap 26001 mosquito trap system is a turnkey solution which includes vandal proof caging and a remote location solar powered option, and comes with full warranty. Bantrap is an Australian based and manufactures innovative mosquito control systems. Bantrap is the winner of international and national awards, including the Australian sustainability award 2012, export award 2006, the mayors excellence 2009 prize and the 2012 bid gold winner for innovation, Geneva, Switzerland.


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