Bar Maid FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Trap
Bar Maid FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Trap

Bar Maid FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Trap

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FLY-BYE™ gives restaurant and the bar industry an effective tool to help control fruit flies. The traps utilizes a 2 part, food-based attractant to entice fruit files into the trap where they are unable to escape. Fruit flies are not just a nuisance, but they are a major sanitation issue for bars and restaurants. Standard Features:FLY-BYE™ fruit fly traps Utilizes a 2 part, food based attractant to entice fruit flies Flies are unable to escape the traps Disposable and recyclable Non-toxic – use anywhere, any time Each trap lasts up to 30 days Contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) Place near virtually any damp area with spillage or attractive residues Model # FLY-BYE 6028548


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