Bed Bug Kit - Commercial DIY Professional Series
Bed Bug Kit - Commercial DIY Professional Series

Bed Bug Kit – Commercial DIY Professional Series

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The Commercial Bed Bug Kit provides your hotel staff or apartment staff with the same professional products that pest control companies use. Unlike other kits you may find, the DIY Professional Series Pest Control kits contain the most effective products available based on the most current research. This kit contains the right balance of products to treat several rooms completely. Contents include 1 x 400mL bottle of Temprid SC concentrate (makes 25 gallons of finished solution), 1 x 3 lb. pail of Alpine Dust, 1 JT Eaton professional bellows hand duster, 4 x 17.5 oz. cans of Phantom Aerosol.This kit does not come with a one-gallon hand pump sprayer, but one is required to apply the Temprid SC. You can add a sprayer below under recommended accessories. Kit Contents: Temprid SC (400mL): A concentrated liquid residual insecticide. Mix 8 mL of concentrate with a gallon of water. The finished solution should be applied with a one gallon hand sprayer. For infested mattresses, remove linens and wash before reuse. Apply Temprid SC to tufts, seams, folds, and edges until moist. Allow to dry before remaking bed. Apply to bedsprings, box springs, and the interior of bed frames or headboards, including all cracks and joints. When bed bugs are found in upholstered furniture, apply only to the infested tufts, seams, folds and edges, but do not apply to flat surfaces where prolonged human contact will occur. If bugs heavily infest furniture (inside cushions and/or batting) apply a labeled insecticide dust. Apply as a crack and crevice treatment to all baseboards, moldings, beneath floor coverings and carpets, closets, shelves, curtains, furniture and picture frames that may provide a place to live for bed bugs. Alpine Dust (3 lb. pail): Dust products like Alpine Dust will last on surfaces for 8 months to a year (and sometimes longer), allowing them to kill bed bugs long after your initial treatment. Dusts don’t kill as f


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