Bed Bug Traps Detection and Prevention VALUE PACK (12 traps!)

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BuggyBedsTM glue trap monitoring device is a one of a kind product. Unlike other glue traps on the market the manufacturers of BuggyBeds have worked closely with a team of scientist to engineer a product that will attract the bed bugs to the trap. This is done by mimicking human hormones, which draws the bed bug to BuggyBedsTM and tricks the bed bug into believing that they are about to attach a human host. It is a revolutionary around the clock detection device that not only detects/monitors but also lures and KILLS bed bugs. BuggyBeds lures the bed bugs into the trap and not onto you! BuggyBedsTM not only provides you with peace of mind while you sleep but also while you travel, go to a movie or stay in a hotel. That is, you are protected anywhere you go!NON TOXIC and Manufactured in a Solar Powered Facility



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