Bee Swarm Trap 680949
Bee Swarm Trap 680949

Bee Swarm Trap 680949

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Give your swarming colony an ideal ‘home’! Designed to mimic the hollow of a tree, a favorite home for swarms. Our Swarm Trap is constructed of a molded fiber material that will hold up through many swarm seasons. When used in conjunction with a Swarm Lure, swarming honeybees find our Swarm Traps irresistible! Our Swarm Lure emits a slow-release blend of pheromones that attracts the swarm and entices the scout bees to declare the Swarm Trap a suitable new home! Simply attach a closed Swarm Lure envelope to the lid on the inside of the Swarm Trap with a thumb tack or staple. Use one packet per trap. Store unused lures in a freezer or refrigerator. Each lure will last approximately one swarm season in the trap. Swarm Lure sold separately.


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