Best Bee Trap Carpenter Bee Trap
Best Bee Trap Carpenter Bee TrapBest Bee Trap Carpenter Bee TrapBest Bee Trap Carpenter Bee TrapBest Bee Trap Carpenter Bee Trap

Best Bee Trap Carpenter Bee Trap

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Our Carpenter Bee Solutions’ Best Bee Trap is the most effective proven carpenter bee solution on the market. It is also safe and easy to use, requiring no harmful chemicals or tedious maintenance! This trap employs patented design 8375624 developed after years of study and research in Heflin, Alabama. The trap replicates the design of a natural nest to lure the carpenter bees inside. The entrance holes on the trap are the same size as nests the bees naturally create; ½’ diameter. The specially designed angle entrance holes make it easy for the bees to get in, but difficult for them to get back out. Once inside the bee is drawn down to the plastic funnel chamber on the bottom of the wooden enclosure. From this point there is no way for the bee to get out, thus it dies and falls into the plastic bottle. The dead bees that collect in the trap will release pheromones which attract other carpenter bees to the same trap and the cycle continues. Once the plastic bottle is full of carpenter bees simply empty and replace it. The beauty of the Best Bee Trap is that most standard plastic 12 oz, 16 oz, or 2 liters bottles will fit! So recycle your old pop bottle with our trap! Our Best Bee Trap is incredibly easy to use. Please remember though that one trap is not efficient to protect an entire house. Make sure you consider how many areas you need to protect to ensure you are equipped with the right amount of traps. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, all you have to lose are carpenter bees!


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