Big SNAP-E MOUSETRAP Set of 6 traps 4143906

Big SNAP-E MOUSETRAP Set of 6 traps 4143906

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With the BIG SNAP-E Rat Trap, it’s the end of the road for rats, gophers, chipmunks, ground squirrels and other pesky rodents. The quick response time of this mouse trap makes certain that once caught, the rodent stays caught! Two pre-formed holes in the trap base allow for surface mounting. Fingers never touch the rodent. The SNAP-E Mouse TRAP and BIG SNAP-E RAT TRAP are made of durable polystyrene and steel. They both resist stains and odors common in old-fashioned wooden traps, are easy to clean and can be reused for years of service. They are simple, safe and sanitary. Vertical strike bar Travels half the distance of old-fashioned wooden traps. Quick, clean catch. Quicker response time. Easy to set. Easy to release rodent. Fingers never touch rodent. Pre-formed bait cup Easy to bait. Contains bait in all environments. Reduces bait stealing. Attracts rodent to ideal strike bar location. Saves time. Large trip paddle Reduces premature tripping. Insures catch from front, sides and back. Provides a sure catch. Polystyrene and steel construction Durable. Easy to clean. Resists stains and odors. Economical and reusable for years of service.


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