Bird-X Bed Bug ALERT Monitor alerts you of bed bug infestations in hard-to-reach areas, 144-Pack

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How It Works Bed Bug ALERT monitors attract and detect bed bugs from anywhere they are a concern – between mattresses or under beds, inside luggage, on floors, inside offices, hospital waiting rooms, on the bus, or anywhere else. Discreet bed bug traps contain powerful chemical lures that entice bed bugs to enter, where they quickly become entrapped in its sticky surface. The sturdy plastic casing prevents users from having to touch the chemicals or insects. The patented housing is tamper-proof and safe around children and pets, and the monitor has a clear view window to check to see if bed bugs have been detected or trapped. Contains 144 monitors. Pests Repelled Lure attracts both adult and instar nymph bed bugs. This product is not intended for the treatment of a bed bug infestation – this is a detection method to prevent a larger problem from spreading. Active bed bug infestations must be treated by a professional. Where to Use Ideal for use when traveling – simply place inside luggage, between hotel mattresses, on the floors, or anywhere else. Also idea for use when traveling on public transportation, in hospitals, or in any other situation where bed bugs may be present. They may also be kept inside the home and checked regularly to detect infestation early, or to see if an active infestation is already present. For both residential and institutional use. Installation No assembly required, simply pull the tab to activate the chemical lures. Each trap’s sturdy plastic construction withstands being crushed by heavy mattresses.



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