Bird-X Bird Stop Liquid Bird Deterrent, 1-Gallon

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Product Description. How It Works Bird Stop liquid is a bird aversion liquid that establishes an invisible barrier of protection. When directly applied to a surface, the liquid irritates pest birds’ trigeminal systems for a harmless yet potent effect. The active ingredient is methylanthranilate, which is a bitter & smelly derivative of concord grapes that bother the birds’ senses. Once applied, even the most stubborn birds learn not to return to the treated area. Pests Repelled Bird Stop effectively deters geese, ducks, pigeons, crows, blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, gulls, grackles, barn swallows, cormorants, shags, waterbirds, woodpeckers, & more. Where to Use Bird Stop liquid is recommended for use on outdoor surfaces such as lawns, turf, facilities, corporate grounds, fruit trees, berries, corn, oats, sunflowers, parking lots, driveways, public parks, beaches, rooftops, orchards, bridges, statues, & more. Application Bird Stop is equipped with detailed instructions on how to apply liquid to chosen surfaces. Depending on the application, water may be needed to mix with the liquid. Bird Stop can be directly applied using a painting or spraying technique in order to work effectively. From the Manufacturer. THE BIRD-X DIFFERENCE: Bird-X has been the leading brand of safe and humane bird and pest control products for over 50 years. Based in Chicago, IL, our products are tested by experts over time and are continuously improved upon as new technologies become available. Offering a complete line of unique pest control products, we stand behind the efficacy of our solutions and provide excellent customer support. If you experience any problems with your Bird-X products, please email us through the form found at or call our offices at 800.662.5021.. Bird-X Bird Stop Liquid Bird Deterrent, 1-Gallon. Bird-X Bird Stop Liquid Bird Deterrent, 1-Gallon. Bird-X



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