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Bird-X Natures Defense Organic All Animal and Pest Repellent, 22-Ounce, Covers 3,500 sq. ft.

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How It Works Nature’s Defense Granular Animal Repellent repels 20 different kinds of animals with 100% Organic, herbal ingredients (no blood, urine, or rotten egg). Completely safe to use around plants, pets, and children, this formula won’t wash away quickly with rain and is less messy than liquids or gels. Pest animals are repelled by the blend of herbal ingredients and stay away from treated areas – humanely and effectively cutting down on pest problems without the need for dangerous chemicals, poisons, and traps. Pests Repelled Effectively repels common pests including deer, rabbit, squirrel, mouse, rat, mole, vole, shrew, skunk, chipmunk, woodchuck, gopher, groundhog, porcupine, elk, beaver, armadillo, raccoon, possum, opossum, prairie dog, as well as feral and domestic cats. Where to Use May be used in and around gardens, entryways, driveways, lawns, garages, parking garages, and more. Installation Applies in minutes; simply shake the package to disperse the granules in desired locations. Each 22oz container covers about 3,500 square feet. Re-apply weekly for best results.



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