Bonide Moletox Mole Trap
Bonide Moletox Mole Trap

Bonide Moletox Mole Trap

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A large harpoon style trap that works great in every type of soil from thick clay to sandy fill. Larger than the competition so it penetrates further into the ground. Directions:1.Spring is usually the best time to trap Moles. The tunnels are easy to see and you just determine which burrows are active according to one of the following two methods. Either press down a small section of the tunnel or remove a one inch section of the tunnel’s roof. Mark the sections and recheck in 24 hours. The burrow is considered active if the flattened runway has been raised or if the roof has been repaired. Only treat active burrows.2.Keep the Setting Arm to the outside of the Trip Pan. Hold the trap frame down and pull up on the ‘T’.3.When the Setting Arm swings back into the Trip Pan the trap is set.4.Place the set trap so it straddles the mole’s tunnel. You are now set for action.


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