Bug Baffler Insect Protective Mesh Shirt

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Protect yourself from bugs with Bug Baffler insect protective clothing. Bug Baffler insect protective clothing is perfect for all outdoor activities. This comfortable, roomy one-piece shirt gives complete upper body and head protection. Unique hood design allows plenty of room for a hat and is seamless for unobstructed vision. There’s a convenient zipper in the front neck seam for easy access to your face. Soft elastic band at hip and stretch knit cuff at wrists ensure proper fit. Mosquito/blackfly barrier and protection against bees, greenheads, ticks, no-see-ums, etc. Bug Baffler clothing is comfortable, durable and easy to put on and take off. It has an ultra-fine, lightweight, polyester mesh construction that keeps out insects. Bug Baffler is completely safe to wear. It requires no chemical application or dipping in harsh chemicals. In heavily tick-infested areas the garment can be sprayed if necessary but prolonged use of spray may damage fabric. 100% made in the USA.. Bug Baffler Insect Protective Mesh Shirt. Bug Baffler Insect Protective Mesh Shirt. Bug Baffler



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