Buggy Beamer Cockroach Trap
Buggy Beamer Cockroach TrapBuggy Beamer Cockroach TrapBuggy Beamer Cockroach TrapBuggy Beamer Cockroach Trap

Buggy Beamer Cockroach Trap

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HOW IT WORKS With a Buggy Beamer® Roach Trap, the roach interrupts an unseen infrared beam which triggers a high speed mechanism. The trap deposits the roach into a sealed disposable replacement cartridge. Natural roach cannibalism further composts the roach remains. Since roaches flee from movement, they crowd the spaces away from the briefly opening entrance during triggering. The high technology pulsed circuit insures battery life in excess of a year with normal use Long Battery Life … the Buggy Beamer® Roach Trap is powered by low power, Pulsed Circuit Technology. Batteries last over a year. • For Indoor Use … 24 hour Infrared beam detects Roaches. High Speed Trap Technology Deposits Roaches into a Sanitary Disposable Cartridge • Large Capacity … Buggy Beamer® Roach Trap continues trapping until Cartridge is full. – Natural cannibalism increases capacity. – More economical than sticky traps which may capture 3-10 roaches depending on size • Sanitary … Unlike other Traps, Buggy Beamer® Roach Trap Disposable Cartridge keeps dead roaches along with potential germs, disease, and allergens, in a sanitary cartridge. • No Health threatening chemicals, Pesticides or poisons Catching Roaches & How it Works


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