Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray


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Size:32 oz. CedarCide Original Biting Insect Spray is a natural product made from Texas cedar oil and hydrated silica. Thats it. It keeps the insects and pests away from the house, protecting your family and pets. It is a natural bug repellent that does not cause adverse harm to people, pets or the environment. CedarCide Original is a great solution when you want to protect your family from nuisance pests like mosquitoes, chigger, ticks, no-see-ums, flies and more. The product can be directly applied to the skin. It creates a protective, insects repelling layer that will make your skin smooth and refreshed. The product does not sweat off, so it can be applied while you are playing, exercising, or working. For infestations indoors, CedarCide Original can be applied with a Tri-Jet Fogger. It will create a mist so thick that youwont be able to see your hand, but it will get inside the cracks in your floorboards and ceiling. It will not stain furniture, carpet, or clothes.. Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray. Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Spray. CedarCide



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