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Clothes Moth Traps 10 Complete Traps Webbing Clothes Moth Pheromone Traps

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Black Stripe Disposable Delta Trap for Clothes Moths – 10 Pack – For webbing clothes moths You get 10 Traps; 10 Hangers and 10 lures – For webbing clothes moths * These Clothes Moth Traps Use a Pheromone Lure to attract the moths to the sticky glue. * They can be used in areas like closets; museums; rug storage ect. * Easy to use- Just place or hang in areas of potential or known infestations. Hanging ties are included. * The traps have a 12 -week duration pheromone lure and are non-toxic. * The Black Stripe Disposable Delta Trap is a simple to use moth trap with a specially designed ‘dry touch’ glue; offering less mess with efficient insect capture. * The trap benefits from our patented unique black stripe design which is proven to increase trap sensitivity. * These card traps assemble into a delta shape with black stripes on the outside and all inner surfaces coated with glue. * They are easy to assemble and just require the cover paper to be removed and the appropriate pheromone dispenser added. They are designed for single use and once the glue is coated with insects and is no longer catching they can be discarded. They are ideal for hygiene areas where clean traps are needed or where long term monitoring is not required. Remove the protective paper and then push the tab through the slot to assemble. Ensure the trap location is accessible by moths; avoiding draughty areas. Replace after 12 weeks or when the trap is covered with moths. The traps can be disposed of in the domestic waste. Disposable Traps and Lures should be replaced every 12 weeks. Remove the cover paper from the glue on the trap and lure from its sachet. Place the lure centrally on the base section of the trap. Fold the trap to form its delta cross section and lock the tabs together. Clothes moths are poor fliers and will not normally venture very far



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