Dynatrap 1100 Mosquito Trap
Dynatrap 1100 Mosquito Trap

Dynatrap 1100 Mosquito Trap

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Take your yard back with the Dynatrap1100 insect trap! Safe for indoor and outdoor use, the Dynatrap protects up to half an acre from mosquitoes and other flying pests without added chemicals or pesticides. No cartridges, lures, scents or batteries to replace or refill – this insect trap’s 3-way engineering system does all the work, drawing bugs in with an exclusive CO2-producing attractant and a low-watt UV light, then using a powerful yet virtually silent fan to pull them into an escape-proof compartment where they perish naturally. All you have to do is plug it in! Unlike noisy bug ‘zappers,’ Dynatrap’s sleek, lantern-like look and quiet operation offer discreet protection – simply hang it from a post or beam, or mount it to a wall or fence at least three feet above the ground. Whether you prefer to spend mornings in the garden, afternoons by the pool, or evenings on the patio, you’re sure to enjoy hours of insect-free outdoor time with Dynatrap on the job. For indoor and outdoor use in a covered area. 10′ cord plugs into any standard household outlet. Hanging chain and wall-mounting bracket and hardware included. Size: 10′ dia. x 12-3/4’H, 3-1/2 lbs.


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