Easy Mole Trap
Easy Mole Trap

Easy Mole Trap

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Effective and easy to use The Easy Mole Trap has super-strong springs and scissors-like jaws to quickly ‘eliminate’ moles. Easy to use, you simply push the forked jaws into the ground over an active mole run and step on the spring-loaded lever. When a mole burrows by, it releases the lever and the jaws quickly and cleanly dispatch the mole. Low-profile when set, the lever pops up when a mole is caught. Trap locks tightly in the ground and disarms automatically when removed from the ground. Constructed of electroplated steel for long life. A better alternative to poison, pitchforks, etc., and other options that just chase moles into your neighbor’s yard. Measures about 8’l x 6’w x 2 1/2’h above the ground when set.


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