Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap

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Get rid of those pesky moles once and for all. This trap eliminates a mole for good. Years of proven success for safe and effective mole control. It is safe to use around children and pets. Sets by stepping on it, instructions included. This is the easiest setting mole trap on the market. To Set: Press the center of the mole tunnel down with the heel of your foot until the ground feels solid. (You are actually closing a small area of the tunnel.) Push both pairs of the closed jaws straight down with a rocking motion into the mole run and in line with it. Position the trap so that the trigger disc is above the flattened area and the outer frame is flush with the ground. Both jaws must be centered in and in line with the direction of the tunnel. This will allow the jaws to open across the tunnel when they are set. Step straight down on the lever until the trap is set. (Levers will go slightly past center when fully set and will be parallel to the ground.) In hard or rocky soil a repeated stepping motion may be necessary to set the trap. Also, try to keep the trigger stem as vertical as possible. This prevents bending at the trigger disc as well as maximizing the sensitivity of the trigger.



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