Fly Web Fly Trap – FlyWeb PLUS 10 Watts

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Rid yourself of flies, gnats, and other flying insects without toxic and harmful chemicals with this plug-in device. The fly light can be used with any standard household AC outlet. The FlyWeb PLUS is an improved, modern design that incorporates the option of one or two adhesive trapping boards, a 10-watt insect lamp and an on/off switch. Flying insects are drawn to the UV light and trapped on the web-like adhesive boards. The front adhesive board can be removed for increased UV light output. The attractive, compact design is perfect for discreet control and capture of flying insects. All you need is an electrical outlet – just plug it in! Designed For Indoor Use Only. features: • 24-hour, non-chemical trapping • Energy-efficient U.V. Insect Lamps • Color & Material: White – Polycarbonate • Attraction Range: 800 sq. ft. (20 lineal ft.) • UV Light output: 10 watts • Dimensions: 4.5’W x 10.25’H x 2.25’D • Glueboard: 2 – 3′ x 5′



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