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FlyFix Compost Clip – Used for Holding FlyFix Fruit Fly Traps (Grey)

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Annoyed by pesky fruit flies? You no longer have to put up with the flies or ugly traps. The new FlyFix is not only attractive, its patented stylish design quickly and effectively lures in and traps fruits flies. Brightly colored crystal-like tops and scent vents entice flies, while the funnel allows flies to enter but not exit. FlyFix is easy to use: 1) Open and add lure, 2) lock-it to prevent spills, and 3) set out trap and immediately start catching fruit flies. When you are ready to clean out the trap, simply twist to the water icon and fill with water to exterminate. Twist again to unlock, open, clean and refill. The FlyFix is totally reusable and allows you to use your own favorite attractant (we recommend overripe banana or a non-toxic solution made from common household ingredients Рrecipe included in the instructions). The best part of all is the attractive design Рyou can leave FlyFix near your fruit bowls without grossing-out yourself or your guests! With three color options, you can pick the look that goes best with your d̩cor. The tops feature a pleasant embossed wave pattern that obscures the catch, but still allows you to see into the trap and gauge success Рso your kitchen stays looking neat and tidy. Adding the Compost Clip allows you to place the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap (sold separately) inside your metal garbage or compost can, or inside the sink, keeping it off the counter and placing it where fruit flies congregate most. Easy to install and use, the FlyFix Compost Clip is a great addition to any fruit fly elimination system.



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