FlyPod Fly Light Flying Insect Trap System
FlyPod Fly Light Flying Insect Trap System

FlyPod Fly Light Flying Insect Trap System

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Introducing the newest addition to our Fly Light Product Line, the FLYPOD Flylight! This economical fly light utilizes the latest in Phillip’s Fly Light Bulb technology for maximum catch rate of all kinds of flying insects. The FlyPod is designed to be pleasing to the eye and compact, yet still pack a punch. The 18W Phillips Bulb will last 9-12 months and covers 540 square feet! The glue boards this light uses are easy to install, and feature a patented ‘pinch’ removal that will keep your fingers from touching the glue or any nasty bugs that have been caught with this light. FlyPod also features a 1 year, manufacturers warranty.*Read the warranty information that comes with the light, you must register your FlyPod to qualify. One thing is clear, you cannot go wrong with the FlyPod Fly Light. From the eye pleasing design, to the powerful Phillips 18w bulb, and the pheremone laced glue boards, Fly Pod is among the best flying insect traps for the money!


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