Flypod Flytrap
Flypod Flytrap

Flypod Flytrap

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Product Description

The Flypod fly trap is the most effective, user friendly and stylish desktop fly killer available. It sits discreetly in any house or domestic environment. Designed specifically to be quick and easy to service. The Flypod incorporates a patent rear glueboard removal system, ensuring the user doesn’t come into contact with dead flies or the sticky glueboard. This system is quick and hygienic. The unit is very compact but the included high powered 18 watt UV bulb is distributed 180 degrees for 323 sq. ft. of coverage. The included pheremone impregnated glueboard provides extra attractancy. Once the flies crawl up the base or fly inside the unit, they cannot escape, and will soon be stuck out of view on the sticky pad.


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