Flyweb Flying Insect Trap 55555514

Flyweb Flying Insect Trap 55555514

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The FlyWeb insect light is designed for use indoors in residential and commercial areas. Its compact size and direct plug-in features allow the light to be placed in any outlet. The FlyWeb insect light uses a Fly & Gnat insect attracting lamp to lure a Fly or Gnat to the adhesive trapping board. When the glueboard is full of flying insects, simply remove, discard and replace with a new adhesive trapping board. This Fly / Gnat Trap light will lure and capture house flies, fruit fly, cluster fly, face fly, phorid flies, bottle flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, fungus gnat, moth flies, fruit fly, moths, asian beetles, nats and other flying insects. Efficient, non-toxic. FlyWeb insect light is proven to trap annoying, disease carrying, house flies, bottle flies, fruit flies, yellow jackets, moths, asian lady beetles, mosquitoes and many other pests. * Insect free environment with FlyWeb Insect Management * Looks good in any room * The FlyWeb light trap attracts flying insects using energy efficient UV light and traps them on glueboard (no Chemicals) * The glueboards use natural ingredients, are non-toxic and easily replaced when full. (glue card will hold 50-100 flies) * Unit comes with one glueboard


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