Genus Eclipse Fly Light Fly Trap (White)
Genus Eclipse Fly Light Fly Trap (White)

Genus Eclipse Fly Light Fly Trap (White)

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Genus Eclipse has been designed to take on a completely different appearance to that of a traditional insect light trap, with a shape and style formulated to blend discreetly into front-of-house locations. Combine this discreet appearance with the use of new low visible ‘black light blue’ lamps, silent operation and the totally out of sight insect catch system, and the Genus Eclipse is the ultimate mix of discretion and performance in flying insect control. Engineered by the market leading engineers at Brandenburg, Genus Eclipse features innovative technology to maximize insect catch performance. he new ‘Light Blade’ technology provides forward angle reflection, concentrating the UVA output to minimize blind-spots and maximize the UVA footprint for efficient and effective flying insect attraction. Genus Eclipse has innovative service features that improve safety and reduce service time. The unit features a side-hinged facia allowing for servicing and maintenance to take place with both hands free. In every way, Genus Eclipse is the realisation of modern, discreet and effective flying insect control.


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