Gilbert 2000GT Flying Venus
Gilbert 2000GT Flying Venus

Gilbert 2000GT Flying Venus

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Product Description

The Gilbert 2000GT is the popular decorative fly light that is perfect for catching flies in restaurants and more personal areas while remaining as discreet as possible. The Gilbert 2000Gt measures only 2 and 3/4′ deep and creates an elegant ambiance, while providing 24-hour non-stop, silent capture of nuisance flies. The No-Wall-Fade design won’t fade or yellow walls. Available in polished brass or white vinyl-coated aluminum. Comes with two 20 watt bulbs. Each flylight comes with a light bulb(s) and one glue board(s) already installed. Special Features: Very slim and discreet design. Universal and keyhole mounting slots. Magnetic closure allows easy servicing. Will also hold a standard 17 in. x 5 in. glue board. Unique ‘No-Wall-Fade’ design. Voltage: 115v, with 6 foot cord UV Power: 43 watts The Gilbert 2000 GT ‘secretly’ provides you with 24 hour fly management. The Gilbert 2000 GT is designed to look like a wall sconce making it an elegant addition to any room. The Gilbert 2000 GT also has the ‘No-Wall-Fade’TM design that won’t fade or yellow your wall, like competitor’s designs. The Gilbert 2000 GT also is designed to hold a standard 17′ x 5’ glue board.


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