Gopher Trap

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A burrowing rodent that wreaks havoc to lawns and gardens. Although rarely seen, a gopher reveals its presence through the unsightly mounds that not only ruin the appearance of smooth terrain, but cause damage to orchard and vegetable crops. These mounds are made from the dirt loosened by the rodent as it creates tunnels underground. Gophers do not hibernate; they can be active at any time of day, all year round and, in prime conditions, can dig in all weather, even snow.The Macabee Gopher Trap is known to be the most effective means of gopher control in the Western United States. Ideal for both the large-scale farmer and the casual gardener, this unique steel-wire, spring-action trap gets rid of this harmful, burrowing rodent. It has been copied, but never equaled. Easy to set, this trap requires no bait and lasts for an unlimited number of kills. Safer and proven more effective than gases or poisons, each trap is inspected, set and adjusted to ensure operational perfection. Finish: Enameled Green Easy to use Made of spring steel wire Won’t clog with rust Lifetime warranty (by manufacturer) How To Use:A step-by-step guide to setting a Macabee gopher trap. To prevent alerting the gopher to impending danger, wearing gloves is recommended to keep human scent off the trap. Swing trigger wire up from under frame. Spread jaws, using thumbs, by pushing downward. With left index finger, guide trigger wire hook over end of frame. While continuing to push down on frame, place the straight end of trigger wire through small hole in silver plate. Trap is now set and ready to be placed in gopher hole.



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