HAGz Spring Clip
HAGz Spring ClipHAGz Spring ClipHAGz Spring ClipHAGz Spring ClipHAGz Spring ClipHAGz Spring Clip

HAGz Spring Clip

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Product Description

Designed to work by itself on 3/8′ rods or in conjunction with the HAGz Bracket for extreme versatility. Small and non-intrusive, the HAGz Spring Clip is inserted through the Spring Coils of a Body Grip Trap where it remains always attached (never forgotten or lost) and then is slid onto a 3/8′ rod to the desired height for the situation. Simply lift to raise/lower as needed and let go, that’s it. The HAGz Spring Clip doesn’t impede the use of the spring eye therefore you can trap however the situation presents itself by using 3/8′ rods, sticks, lathe, etc or attached to the HAGz Bracket. Use with the HAGz Bracket to stabilize a Body Grip on rocks, logs, etc. Our favorite is to double up and use Body Grip down low in a run and a baited set up top with a foothold, both on the same rod using a HAGz Spring Clip and a HAGz Bracket. Fits 160’s and Smaller. Weighs .52 Oz./ea. Patent Pending. Made in the USA See for more details


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