Humane Snake Trap
Humane Snake TrapHumane Snake TrapHumane Snake Trap

Humane Snake Trap

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Product Description

Snake Trap is a professional-grade snake capture and removal device. It was designed by a professional in the state of Florida and has been field tested and refined over five years of snake trapping and removal. Snake Trap works indoors and out, is safe to use around pets, and allows for safe relocation of unwanted snakes. Our secret lies in the trap design and in the Snake-Attract-Dots TM. This trap is designed to lure in nearby snakes. They are drawn in by the scent on the dots as well as the internal design features that mimic the natural denning areas that snakes prefer. Once they enter, they are trapped and incapacitated by the special biosafe adhesive inside the trap. The snake is alive and safe, but rendered immobile. The scent in the traps is not strong enough to lure in snakes from long distances, but will encourage any snakes that are using your property (or house) as habitat to enter. For humane usage, we encourage release of any snakes caught, by spraying or pouring cooking oil on the snake. Indoor usage is great, but we recommend limited outdoor usage, as the glue pad can catch rodents, lizards or birds. These animals can all be released with cooking oil. Will you catch a snake? If one is stuck inside your house, basement, porch, then yes. Most snakes spotted outdoors are transient and unlikely to come into contact with you or pets again. The trap works well outdoors, but if you do not catch the snake within a few days, it has moved on. Bring the empty trap inside. We can not guarantee our trap will catch your snake as wild animals are unpredictable. Although this trap is the best snake trap on the market we do not think a snake trap is the best course of action. You should educate yourself about snakes, the one you saw was likely harmless and good to have around. The safest method is to hire a wildlife removal pro to remove any snakes in the home or property and modify any property features that attract snakes, such as filling in gaps under rocks.


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