InsectAside 67220 Bug Rack-It
InsectAside 67220 Bug Rack-ItInsectAside 67220 Bug Rack-It

InsectAside 67220 Bug Rack-It

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Bug Rack-It by Insect AsideSWAT! Catch ’em in the air!The Bug Rack-It is designed to strike and hold airborne and flying insects to its netted surface. Use it indoor, outdoor and in the garden.Open the Bug Rack-It case carefully as you hold the handle in one hand and the case in another. Do not touch the net which has a very sticky surface. The glue is harmless and non-toxic. If it should come into contact with skin or other surfaces, cleanse with alcohol or a mild solvent and wash with soap and water.The easy to use Bug Rack-It nets are environmentally safe and non toxic. For maximum efficiency, always store in a cool, dry palce. For best results, use within 90 days after opening.Replacement nets are sold separately (please see our other listings).Includes:1 x Bug Rack-It (Swatter) 1 x Net


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