InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait - 4 oz. Cup, Case of 12 Cups
InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait - 4 oz. Cup, Case of 12 CupsInTice Gelanimo Ant Bait - 4 oz. Cup, Case of 12 Cups

InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait – 4 oz. Cup, Case of 12 Cups

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InTice Gelanimo Ant Bait – 4 oz. Cup comes in a patent pending, gelatin formula that is similar to liquid bait but less messy. It will kill the most common household ants and allow ants to feed more at a time without drowning. With the rigid gel like form, ants are able to walk across and easily take pieces back to the nest. The gel contains a high moisture content that is stable at temperatures up to 130 degrees F. This is great for indoor or outdoor use including food areas. These bait cups are recommended for use withInTice Border Patrol Station. Active Ingredient: Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (borax) – 3.0% Target pests: Ants For use in: In landscaping areas around buildings where ants will trail. InTice Gelanimo Bait cups are placed inside the Border Patrol Stations for ant feeding. For example: homes, hospitals, restaurants, apartments,grocery stores, institutional buildings, schools, cafeterias, warehouses, storage areas, food processing plants, mobile homes, boats, military bases, theaters, nursing homes, and on military, commercial, and cruise ships Application: For Indoor Use: Apply the product to small pieces of cardboard, paper or foil, or in purpose built bait stations such as Rockwells BaitPlate Station (sold separately) and place product in areas inaccessible to children and pets where ants are seen. Ants often trail along structural edges and will seek out moisture and food. Bait around sinks, tubs, window sills, under food cabinets, around floor edges and in corners. Use numerous bait placements, rather than fewer large placements. Often, invading ants nest outdoors. It will help to bait outside, close to where ants are found entering the structure. Ants normally follow specific trails from the nest to food or water. Placing InTice Gelanimo close to these trails will improve control.For Outdoor Use: Locate areas around the building where ants are seen trailing. Apply InTic


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