Intruder 21000 The Better Insectrap Pesticide Free – 4 per Traps Package

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The Better Insectrap by Intruder is the most advanced non-toxic sticky trap available for many pests. It includes features based on the movement behavior of insects using the technology of glue and chemical attractants. The Insectrap’s unique ‘LO-LINE’ design has a 20-year history of providing effective prevention trapping, monitoring and control of pest infestations. The pesticide free Better Insectrap can be used in both commercial and residential locations and is safe to use around pets, children and food. The Insectrap can be placed almost anywhere pest activity is present – it is the better, safer and most effective solution for trapping crawling pests; specifically cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, centipedes, crickets, spiders and others, including early detection of bedbugs. Traps, controls and monitors a variety of crawling insects. Eco-friendly non-toxic and pesticide free trap is safe to be used around children & pets. Unique, powerful food-based attractant and glue mix ensures effective and long-lasting trapping. Discreet LO-LINE design fits out of sight in confined spaces. Wings on top of trap help disperse attractant and protects glue surface from dust and dirt. 30° angled flap ends help act as a pitfall for insects. Large capture area has an extreme hold fast quality to secure feet and bodies. Clean & easy disposal – No hand contact with glue or insects.



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