Itchin Post Grooming Pad
Itchin Post Grooming Pad

Itchin Post Grooming Pad

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Itchin Post Grooming Pad The Itchin Post Grooming Pad is a ‘soft touch’ textured pad that gives animals a safe, satisfying way to scratch and relieve their annoying itches. Rubbing against fence posts, sharp metal corners, exposed bolts and rusty nails is unsafe and can cause hair loss, scars, damage to fences and barns, as well as costly vet visits. With the Itchin Post you can cover up those unsafe spots. Features: Flexible enough to wrap around posts or corners Designed to cover nails, hooks, gate latches and any objects sticking out of surfaces Can fit over small or large areas: 2-3 panels wrapped around a tree or wood post or Single or multiple panels for walls, building corners, stalls, pens and more Sturdy cone-like ‘nubs’ provide massaging action that stimulates blood flow and increase oxygen and nutrients before and after exercise Pads help apply insect repellents and conditioning sprays or oils deep into the coat for extra defense and conditioning Won’t crack or get brittle Lasts 5-10 years Can withstand extreme conditions (-77 to 277F) Item Specifications: Size: 23 1/4′ x 14 7/8′ Installation: Mount using twine to apply to trees, feeders, and fences. (Twine not included.) Use screws and washers to apply to wood surfaces. (Screws/washers not included.) Can be removed for easy cleaning as needed.


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