KAGE-ALL Large Raccoon Trap
KAGE-ALL Large Raccoon Trap

KAGE-ALL Large Raccoon Trap

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About Kness Mfg. Co. A multi-talented entrepreneur, Austin Enos ”Brick” Kness had a knack for building tools that would make any job he was working easier. Whether it was a pruning saw for his days in a Washington orchard or a light bulb extractor for his days as a janitor during the depression, Kness had a knack for finding an easier way to do things. It was on one job that Kness was faced with emptying and replacing numerous mouse traps every day. To cut back on the mess he had to clean up, Kness conceived the idea of the ”box” trap. He built the first trap from a square oil can, a tobacco can, a spring from a curtain rod, and the wood base from a crate. Kness captured five mice in his trap the first night. His co-workers encouraged him to seek a patent and in 1927, Kness Mfg. Co. was formed and Kness began manufacturing the Roto-Bow tree saw and the Ketch-All Automatic Mousetrap. Safe and humane way to trap live animals. Gravity action door with a patented spring loaded latch. Handle with guard for easy and safe holding. Steel door stop to keep trap locked until operator releases. Dimensions: 42”L x 14”W x 14”H .


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