Koolatron Pestcontro 5 In 1 With Ionizer
Koolatron Pestcontro 5 In 1 With Ionizer

Koolatron Pestcontro 5 In 1 With Ionizer

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Koolatron’s Multi-Purpose Electronic Pest Repeller – The Pest Contro 5 in1 System. Ultrasonic sirens to fight pests within the room; Electromagnetic technology to help drive pests out of the walls where they might be living; Ionic air purification to help cleanse the air quality within the room where the unit is plugged in; a soft glow floor light; and an extra outlet built into the side of the unit so you don’t lose any plug space. Designed for average sized rooms, the Pest Contro 5 in 1 Dual Technology Pest Repeller begins working the moment you plug it in to drive rodent pests from your home or office, producing ultrasonic sound above the hearing range of humans and common domestic pets such as dogs, cats, snakes and birds. The electromagnetic function also begins creating an uncomfortable environment for pests within the walls of the home or office, encouraging them to relocate their nests out of your home. The electromagnetic feature works within the wiring of your home and will not affect computers, TVs or other electronic devices. The Ionic feature is controlled by the On/Off switch found on one side of the unit. Color coded LED’s on the face of the unit confirm the various functions are working correctly to assure your 5 in 1 electronic pest repeller is performing at peak capacity.


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