Live Mouse & Chipmunk Trap
Live Mouse & Chipmunk Trap

Live Mouse & Chipmunk Trap

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If you have chipmunks in your attic or mice in your basement this is the low-cost live catch trap for you. Try our Nutter Butter bait to increase your catch rate. You can eliminate a mouse infestation problem and get rid of chipmunks with this trap. It is extremely easy to use. The metal trip pan is so sensitive that when even a small mouse steps on it the door will drop and trap the mouse. The trap measures 10 1/2′ long by 5 1/2′ wide by 4 1/2′ high. The bait is placed at the back of the trap behind the pan. When the rodent steps on the pan attempting to reach the bait, the door closes and a steel bar locks it in place. The trap is easily opened to release the rodent. Use this trap for mice and chipmunks. How to get rid of mice Discovering evidence that a mouse has invaded your home can be quite upsetting. Mice are mostly nocturnal, so they are not likely to be seen unless the infestation is severe. Mice often leave behind droppings in kitchen cabinets, pantries, drawers, and any other place they may have gone in search of food. It is important to close off the source of entry and eliminate any mice currently within the home. Where there is one mouse there is likely to be more. According to the website article ‘Controlling House Mice’, published by the University of Missouri, a female mouse has between five and ten litters per year with about five or six babies in each litter. The young are capable of reproducing at the age of six weeks. A mouse infestation can easily get out of control if not dealt with as soon as it is recognized. ‘Controlling House Mice’ says that a mouse is capable of getting through an opening only one-quarter of an inch wide. It is important to check for openings where mice can gain entry. If you live in a mobile home or have a crawl space, check around plumbing pipes inside cabinets for spaces mice can get in.


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