Luralite Cento Plus fly trap
Luralite Cento Plus fly trap

Luralite Cento Plus fly trap

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The Luralite Cento Plus is a very discreet flying insect and fly control unit, designed to look like an attractive wall light or uplight. It has replaced the older Cento model also known as the Luralite 2000 but the new glue pads will still fit the old model . The Luralite is the answer to fly control where hygiene is an important consideration. The white color looks great and Ideal for public areas such as restaurants and bars, and other indoor uses, but not suitable outdoors like barns, stables, and other similar locations. The unit easily installs to a wall via the supplied hardware, approximately 5-6 feet from the ground and away from windows or other competing light sources. The 6′ power cord gives enough clearance between your mounting location and your 110V – 60Hz (3-prong) power source. The 18W bulb produces UV light which attracts mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects to the sticky glue pads, which are pheremone impregnated to provide extra attractancy.


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