Mistaway Gen 3 Tankless Mosquito Misting System 30 Nozzle Kit


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Mistaway Gen III Tankless Mosquito Misting System 20 Nozzle KitMistAways patent pending Gen II state of the art tankless misting system eliminates the concerns of large bulky reservoirs full of insecticide. We include an installation DVD to help you install the system!!! The Gen II connects to standard outdoor hose bib, eliminating time consuming refills. Simply snap in a cartridge of concentrated botanical insecticide and the automated controller does all the work. Each time the system is activated, GEN II precisely mixes a fresh batch from the concentrate. The information required to manage the insecticide is contained in the cartridges programmable patented PRO-CAP. This is the Cadillac of mosquito misting systems!!!Key Features & BenefitsSnap in insecticide cartridges for ease of serviceInterchangeable insecticides- can be changed on demandDosing managed by user programmable, password protected PRO_CAP Custom designed digital controller exclusively for automated outdoor insect control Up to 12 daily mist cycles available Independent mist duration for each cycle Specific misting days can be programmed Agitation before every mist cycle, including remote activation Error codes to facilitate troubleshooting Wireless remote allows user to Start on Demand, Stop and Skip scheduled mist cycle Leak detection logic in firmware Low profile, powder coated enclosure Mist warning indicator light Lockable Lid 3 Button Remote Control Check Valve 5 – Union Elbows 35 – Union T 3- Union Couplers 10 – Straight Nozzles 20- 45 Degree Nozzles 5 – Nozzle Plugs to end a line 500′ of Black Tubing 1 – Tube Cutter 1 Tube Release Tool 100 1/4′ Nylon Clamps (Black) 100 3/8′ Nylon Clamps (Black). Mistaway Gen 3 Tankless Mosquito Misting System 30 Nozzle Kit. Mistaway Gen 3 Tankless Mosquito Misting System 30 Nozzle Kit. MistAway



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