Mongoose Snake Trap
Mongoose Snake TrapMongoose Snake TrapMongoose Snake TrapMongoose Snake TrapMongoose Snake TrapMongoose Snake TrapMongoose Snake Trap

Mongoose Snake Trap

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Mongoose Snake Traps were designed to be the most efficient, easiest – most simple snake removal system on the market. It has been proved (many times over) to get rid of all unwanted and dangerous snakes. Extremely Easy to Use. It only takes 3 simple steps. 1. Place the trap near the building or structure where you have seen the snake (or its food source) and let the trap do its job. (You don’t have to do anything.) 2. Check it periodically. Once trapped, release trapped snake or rodent by liberally pouring vegetable oil on the insert to neutralize the glue. 3. Clean it. All you have to do is dispose of the insert and replace with a new one. That’s it!! You’re Done!!! Designed by the Owner of ‘Humane Animal Removal Team, Inc., a company that specializes in the removal and relocation of unwanted animals in and around your home or business. The Mongoose Snake Trap was designed by the owner who utilizes them in his professional day to day business as an animal/pest control specialist. Made only of the best materials – the weather can’t hurt it!!! The exterior is made completely of high quality molded PVC. This thing is completely weatherproof. The insert is made of coroplast or corrugated plastic. The same rules that make the corrugated plastic more stronger and more durable than regular cardboard apply to our insert. Adhesive – We only use a patented high-viscosity , high-strength adhesive on all of our inserts. It is NOT made of any materials that the elements could damage. No paper or cardboard here! Catches Snakes and Small Rodents. It’s Simply Superior! Better Materials = Better Performance!! Each trap comes with 2 glue board inserts. Replacement inserts sold separately. Always PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!


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