MOSCLEAN UV LED Mosquito & Insect Trap Scientifically Proven to Catch and Kill over 10x MORE Mosquitoes

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MOSCLEAN is the result of 4-years development and uses very special LED technology with violeds technology that has been targeted and scientifically proven to attract more mosquitoes than the competition. In fact, when compared to the standard CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) light based vector trap, Dr. Philip G Koehler of the University of Florida (Entomology Department) found that MOSCLEAN caught up to 13 times more mosquitoes in a controlled environment. The violeds technology incorporated in MOSCLEAN attracts mosquitoes in 3 ways: (1) a very selective UV light has been chosen that is irresistible to mosquitoes and other flying insects (2) the UV LEDs have been designed to operate at close to the temperature of a human body (3) thin film technology is used to generate carbon dioxide This 1, 2, 3 punch is so overwhelming to mosquitoes that they are attracted to MOSCLEAN, where a vacuum fan sucks them in to the capture container, where they expire. This light-weight powerhouse covers up to 1,000 Square Feet. MOSCLEAN runs so quietly with no zapping noise, it can be used indoors, even while sleeping. MOSCLEAN will allow your family to enjoy outdoor living again! You can take back your screened-in patio, outdoor porch, and swimming pool! Outdoor use should be in a covered, protected area. With no expensive chemical attractants, or consumable bulbs, MOSCELAN is eco-friendly and has a low operational cost; in fact, MOSCLEAN will cost on average less than $0.40 per month (using average 2015 USA electricity tariffs). Start enjoying mosquito free living today.



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