Mouse Trap, Rat Bottle for Trap Mice,Rats,Squirrels and Similar-size nuisance animals

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This Rat Bottle is a new unique design for catching rats and mice.It is made of PPE renewable plastic materials.Non-toxic,sturdy and durable.Completely enclosed design is perfect for avoiding bacteria spreading.No blood,mess,chemicals or poisons.Cleanly,safe and sanitary around kids and pets at home.The simple structure makes you easy to assembly,bait,place and disguise in any ways!It is recommended that you disguise the device or place it inside of a carton or other coverings. Keep the entrance clear in all cases.The high sensitivity pedal once be touched, it will instantly capture the animal alive.If nothing has been caught while bait is gone, keep on providing bait while have one door is possible the animal has rather samll size.Also,it is humanely kill with no pain as it will die in sleep within 24 hours due to lack of oxygen.Ideal for home use to trap mice,rats and similar-sized nuisance animals. This item Installed Dimension is 4.7”x4.7”x11.8”. Package Include: 1 x Folded Transparency Body,1 x Square Double-door Cover with a Wired Pedal,1 x Square End-cover,1 x Circular Lid with a Handle.



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