Musca-Stik Sticky Fly Trap-1 Stick

Musca-Stik Sticky Fly Trap-1 Stick

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Target Pests = Flies. Musca-StikTM and Musca-Stik Jr.TM are insecticide-free, odor-free, indoor/outdoor sticky fly traps that attract flies two ways – Musca-GloTM orange colored paper attracts flies visually while the powerful fly sex pheromone, Muscalure, doubles the attraction power. Catches flies without toxic chemicals. Use indoors or out, around children or pets, even in food handling areas and sick rooms. Traps flies and other flying insects on contact. Available in two sizes: 24′ Musca-StikTM and 12′ Musca-Stik Jr.TM Can be hung out of reach of curious children and pets. Active Ingredient Content: No insecticide vapors, no hazardous chemicals, no poisons.


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